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Just a status on Nitro and the joy he brings us everyday.  He is very smart.  He knows sit and stay and potty outside.  He has to sit before coming out of his crate, before he can eat and before entering/exiting the house.  He is eager to please. 

He really showing his big personality now and loves to chase his toys and play hide and seek.  Sunday’s sun was really fun and we frolicked in the backyard for hours.  Loves to have his belly rubbed, he’s had a couple raw chicken wings (LOVES THEM) and we even cut toenails. Needless to say, we are having a blast.


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Maeby is 4 months old now, and is the most amazing little girl! She is incredibly sweet and very beautiful.  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.  Maeby recently graduated her puppy obedience class, and the trainers were awed by her.  They kept remarking about how "well adjusted" she is, and they said that is a testament to her lineage and to her breeder (so kudos!).  Of course, Maeby passed the class with flying colors.  She shows a real penchant for obedience work, so we are going to continue on that path.
Maeby gets along very well with other dogs and with children.  She and her older brothers are inseparable.   She spends most of her time beating them up.  Although she is the youngest of our dogs she is the first one to alert us if someone is at the door.  She has a pretty intimidating bark for such a little puppy! 

All in all, Maeby is a wonderful dog.  We look forward to watching her grow!



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 Hi Cammie,


Some photos of Elsa and a couple with her big brother Monty.  She is doing great - we've been to the beach a few times where they both love to run and play in the sand - Monty loves the water but Elsa - Not so much!!  We've been camping and hiking - Elsa loves the car.

Although we go to a few places they always love to come home.  At home they come to work with me at the farm where Monty always goes off with the other dogs playing and exploring - Elsa says Hi to them all but chooses to come and sit in my office with me.  She never takes her eyes off of where I am and never strays far from my side.  She is a great puppy.  The two are so very different and get along great - they both bring us so much joy. 

talk to you soon






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Gane is doing very well.  What a smart little guy he is!  He goes outside on a leash to go to the bathroom, gets a lot of praise, and a piece of doggie cookie.  No indoor accident to date. ..He is lying at my feet as I type this in my office area.  He's eating well--Wellness large breed adult food, some strawberry acidophilus, and raw ground beef (20% fat) three times a day.  I put the food down, he goes back and forth to it, and then I pick it up in about 20 minutes. 

At night I do what I did with my Bullmastiff when she was a puppy.  He sleeps on my bed on his blanket; when he begins to more around I take him outside to go and then we go back to sleep.  When he is about 4 to 5 months old and can sleep through the night, I'll move him to his bed on the floor next to me. 

In the few short days I have had Gane, he has learned about snow, rain, and going out in the middle of the night in 2 inches of snow with a flashlight only because the power was off.  He did great and seems to take everything in his stride including the honking Canada geese I feed who begin to bugle early in the morning.  He also is fascinated by the wild turkeys who eat the cracked corn I throw over the fence each day. 

Gane has a basket of toys, and he gets in the basket to pick out his favorite of the moment.  He really loved the toy you sent!  

I had to vacuum today, so took the vacuum out (upright) and just let it sit so he could investigate.  Later I turned it on, and he ran to his bed in the TV room.  As I moved through the house he came around to investigate, but stayed away which is just what I wanted him to do.  To not be scared but to stay away from the machine. 

Follow-up: Umngane and I were gone for about 2.5 weeks.  He was wonderful.  He traveled so well in the car.  The first evening we stayed with good friends in Lone Pine. They have a 1.5 year old Visula (sp), and the two played and played.  The next day we went to my daughter's in Redondo.  They have a 2 year old American Stafford Terrier mix.  The two dogs had a wonderful time with each other. 

My grandaughters loved him.  Mariana, who is in 2nd grade, would get on his bed, hold his face in her hands and kiss him.  They cuddled a lot, and he loved being with the girls.  Lisa, my daughter whom you met, is amazed at how sweet and well behaved Gane is.  He never chews things besides his toys. 

All in all, it was a great trip for him.  He socialized with dogs and children of all ages from grade school to high school.  Also, he experienced new environments.   

Thank you for breeding such a great companion.  He is such an incredible dog. 



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Let me start off with saying the whole experience with you as a breeder and how every step of the way was so great, professional and fun. At first I was wondering how it was going to be with you picking out Harley for us. I have always chosen my own puppy in the past. You couldn't have picked a better dog for us!!! Harley has given us so much pleasure and is such a great match for what we were looking for. Not only is he so beautiful but he is extremely smart, curious, alert, affectionate and playful. He already is showing some signs of being a great watch dog too. He has a pretty good bark for a little guy. He loves to play fetch with the ball and Frisbee. 

Harley has been meeting all the neighbors and their dogs on our block. Everyone thinks he is the cutest puppy. We have been taken him for regular walks and he is starting to look forward to it now. He is doing great on the leash and follows commands very well. People come up to us and are curious what kind of dog he is. We constantly hear them say he is the cutest puppy they ever saw. The kids are always saying to the parents, can we get one. The beauty and quality of your dogs shine through!!!!!!!

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When it gets a little warmer we are going to introduce him to the water (pool). Hopefully he will like it and we can have fun playing in the water together.
Harley is eating great with the food you recommended and is growing at a steady pace.
Cammie, you are always there for any question we have and really appreciate it. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a large breed dog or Boerboel.













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