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South African Boerboels
**Please note, Tails will not be docked**


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Select Boerboel Puppies


We have no planned breeding at this time.

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Select Boerboels
Puppy Reservation

To reserve a Select puppy from an upcoming breeding, we require a submitted Puppy Questionnaire Form  and a phone consultation before we will accept any deposits.  Our deposit amount is $500, non-refundable, for serious buyers only.   Puppy selections are made in the order that deposits are received -- those reserving a puppy first will be first to be matched with a puppy from the litter.

Pregnancy conformation will be announced through private e-mail, along with a pregnancy calendar for you to chart the progress of the Dam’s pregnancy, and the development of the puppies in utero. Once puppies are born, you will receive a birth announcement via e-mail sharing the new litter information and photos of the Boerboel puppies.
Balance payment on your puppy is required to be paid, in full, within 10 days of receiving birth announcement via e-mail.  Late payment will unfortunately lose your reservation to the next family waiting for a puppy, so please be prepared. 
This is a time of many questions for most puppy owners, so I encourage you to get a notepad to write down questions as they come to you.  We can go over any questions you may have during our phone conversations.  It is very common to get caught up in the excitement of hearing about the new babies when we visit by phone; consequently, forgetting questions you may have wanted to ask.



The South African Boerboel is a large, dominant working breed. Solid temperament in our breeding Boerboels and Boerboel puppies is of
major priority here at Select Boerboels.
The importance of beginning drives and selection with each Select Boerboel puppy is explored and evaluated, not left to chance. 

I will determine puppy placement
with your influence.  Combining your expressed wants and needs in a Boerboel puppy, I will work up a profile for you. This profile will have specifics pertaining to the environment, experience, and expectations that are unique to what you are looking for in a Boerboel puppy.

At 8 weeks of age, following temperament testing on each puppy in the litter, I will make my decision as to which Boerboel puppies are placed with which buyers. My decisions are based primarily but not solely on the evaluations from the Puppy Temperament Testing.   I will combine my knowledge about the individual traits of each Puppy, gained through daily socialization and group interaction, as well as individual puppy time, Puppy Aptitude Testing, and Conformation Evaluation to determine each puppy’s placement. An individual announcement will be sent to you along with photos of your Boerboel puppy.

Puppies will be able to go to their new home between nine to twelve weeks of age, depending on location of new families and the mode of transportation/timeliness of puppy to reach his/her destination.


Select Boerboel Puppies


Cammie & Team
951-329-2000 MST 

Please utilize our phone answering system as we are very busy.
Your call is very important to us, we will reply back as promptly as possible.
If you have not received a response within 48 hours, please feel
comfortable contacting us again. Thank you! 
We look forward to visiting with you.

Boerboel Puppies
(CH Select Ashmurah & Captn Barbossa)
Dopper Madala/Boesman JanZara
2006 Breeding

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